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[ale] FTP Server on Linux

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Matthew Brown wrote:

> This still doesn't do it for me.  What does ~ftp/bin mean?  I'd have thought
> this would mean that there is a /bin diretory out there under an ftp
> directory.  Clearly I'm off here.

You're not off at all. I think this is discussed in docs for the wuftp
sources, but the recommendation as I understood it was to make a set of
[relatively] trusted libs and bins in the <whatever>/ftp heirarchy and
restrict ftp users to that set. The objective was to avoid exploits of
publically acccessible libs and bins and in fact to limit the operations
available to an ftp user.  You would then keep a close eye on the ftp
executables and libs to catch changes quickly. 

If I misunderstood this, I would appreciate being set straight.

Thanks - mills
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