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[ale] Samba Config Help?

Both the Samba and Window's boxes have "GEEKS" as the workgroup.  I can't
even see the samba box in the entire network.  


Thus spake matt (myurman at mindspring.com):

> At 08:17 PM 1/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Ok,
> >  I'm hoping there's a very generous person out there.  I need someone to
> >send me a smb.conf file that'll work right.  Here's what I have:
> >
> >My network: (
> >
> >My printer server: = eth0
> > = ppp0
> >
> >I want him to share /homes and printers in /etc/printcap to my
> >win9X boxes.  I'd prefer it to be the master browser permanently since
> >it's the only box that doesn't reboot.
> >
> >HELP.  I've done it by hand and I've tried linuxconf but I can't get the
> >win boxes to see it in any form in my network neighborhood.
> from my experiance the only change to smb.conf file that affected if the box
> showed in the network neighbor hood or just in 'entire network' is the line
> that reads workgroup=<insert yours here>  or something like that.  can't get
> to my smb files now 'cuase that hdd isn't in a system.  if that line doesn't
> match the win9x box's workgroup setting, then the box will only show in
> 'entire network' but will still be accessable.  this holds true for windows
> boxs too.  
> please correct me if i'm wrong

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