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[ale] Samba Config Help?

At 08:17 PM 1/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
>  I'm hoping there's a very generous person out there.  I need someone to
>send me a smb.conf file that'll work right.  Here's what I have:
>My network: (
>My printer server: = eth0
> = ppp0
>I want him to share /homes and printers in /etc/printcap to my
>win9X boxes.  I'd prefer it to be the master browser permanently since
>it's the only box that doesn't reboot.
>HELP.  I've done it by hand and I've tried linuxconf but I can't get the
>win boxes to see it in any form in my network neighborhood.
from my experiance the only change to smb.conf file that affected if the box
showed in the network neighbor hood or just in 'entire network' is the line
that reads workgroup=<insert yours here>  or something like that.  can't get
to my smb files now 'cuase that hdd isn't in a system.  if that line doesn't
match the win9x box's workgroup setting, then the box will only show in
'entire network' but will still be accessable.  this holds true for windows
boxs too.  

please correct me if i'm wrong