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[ale] Sig11 w/RH Install (among others)

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Michael B Golden wrote:

> 	I have probably got another problem with my hardware, but I can't
> seem to figure out which piece it is. Each time I try the system piece by
> piece in another box, each piece runs DOS and Windows (even flight sims)
> without any problems at all.

That's meaningless.

> 	Because of all the trouble this was giving me, without any
> explanation, I picked up RedHat 5.2 (Macmillan set) free after rebate,
> and tried that install last night. It dies with a Signal 11 every time.
> The furthest it has ever made it is to the Disk Druid partitioning. I
> plan to install Debian on the system when 2.1 comes out, but since it
> hasn't I decided to (temporarily?) go with RedHat. I have tried every
> combination of BIOS settings that I could think of, and I'm not sure if
> it is bad hardware, or bad hardware interaction. I don't know if it
> matters, but I have tried all types of installs listed above both with
> AND without the Ontrack Disk Manager included with the HD.

You shouldn't need Ontrack for a 4.3 gig drive.

Check out http://www.bitwizard.nl/sig11/ (the Sig 11 FAQ) for some advice.

Also, there's a package called memtest86 on sunsite that you can use to
check your memory (the usual cause of random crashes).


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