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[ale] Sig11 w/RH Install (among others)

	I have probably got another problem with my hardware, but I can't
seem to figure out which piece it is. Each time I try the system piece by
piece in another box, each piece runs DOS and Windows (even flight sims)
without any problems at all. Note that because of where I was assembling
it and because the system is normally used, I couldn't try linux on it
then. When I brought it home, I decided it worked, and started setting it
up. Because of recommendations, I was going to install DOS(I have to
upgrade to Win9X when I get the disks/CD and some more RAM) first, then
Linux. DOS installed fine, and I got Win3.1 installed fine. I tried
running them, and DOS would hang at nearly every opportunity it got, and
Windoze was crashing at everything. It mainly had trouble reading the
CD-ROM, but there were others. I then wiped the drive and tried again,
same thing. I then tried the Win98 install, and the install program
bombed every time.
	Because of all the trouble this was giving me, without any
explanation, I picked up RedHat 5.2 (Macmillan set) free after rebate,
and tried that install last night. It dies with a Signal 11 every time.
The furthest it has ever made it is to the Disk Druid partitioning. I
plan to install Debian on the system when 2.1 comes out, but since it
hasn't I decided to (temporarily?) go with RedHat. I have tried every
combination of BIOS settings that I could think of, and I'm not sure if
it is bad hardware, or bad hardware interaction. I don't know if it
matters, but I have tried all types of installs listed above both with
AND without the Ontrack Disk Manager included with the HD.

Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it?

System stats:
486DX4 100
4.3G Fujitsu HD
Anything else upon request. 

Michael Golden
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