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[ale] 2.1.132 and gusmax

Anyone know if there is anything wrong with the gravizs ultrasound max driver in

for some od reason I am experiencing stuttering/echoing with  this card.

here is a cat of /dev/sndstat

Load type: Driver compiled into kernel
Kernel: Linux cthon.wroth.com 2.1.132 #3 Tue Jan 5 21:57:50 EST 1999 i586
Config options: 0

Installed drivers: 
Type 4: Gravis Ultrasound
Type 25: GUS PnP

Card config: 
Gravis Ultrasound at 0x220 irq 5 drq 1,1

Audio devices:
0: GUS MAX (CS4231A)
1: Ultrasound

Synth devices:
0: Gravis UltraSound MAX (512k)

Midi devices:
0: Gravis UltraSound Midi

0: System clock

0: GUS MAX (CS4231A)
1: Gravis Ultrasound

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