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[ale] Winmodem useless or usable?

  I can't just replace it.  It's a built in to my laptop.  That's why I was
hoping it could be used.  Since I can change it's com port in the bios I
was hoping that would make a difference.  Oh well.

Thus spake Byron A Jeff (byron at cc.gatech.edu):

> > 
> >   I just got a new laptop.  I was just told it's built in modem is a
> > winmodem.  Can I just count that out or can I actually use it?  Anyone
> > got any docs, etc?  I've heard winmodems are bad news in Linux. 
> Forget about it and go buy a nice PCMCIA modem.
> It's not a technological issue, it's a political/business issue. Simply put
> no Winmodem manufacturers are releasing information on how to program the
> device. Essentially a Winmodem is complete only when coupled with its
> Windows software driver, which has neither public source nor specifications.
> So there's no easy way to develop a Linux driver for the hardware.
> As long as there are alternatives, no one is going to fight to get Winmodems
> working. Since someone will continue to build and sell external modems and
> PCMCIA modems, the fight to get Winmodems working will probably wait another
> day.
> It's not fair, but until Linux gets a solid 20 to 25 percent share, it
> doesn't make sense for the manufacturers to expose themselves to all kinds 
> of support issues by making their specs public.

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