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[ale] OffTopic: RCS

    Never heard of it but thanx for the pointer! I checked it out. Looks like a
superset of cvs. Unfortunately that implies that it uses the same locking model. The
little diff viewer looks pretty cool. Reminds me of gfc that was available for OS/2
way back when....


        Ben Scherrey

PS: I will check into it some more!

Chris Ricker wrote:

> Have you ever talked with Larry McVoy (old Sun / SGI systems engineer,
> largely responsible for SunOS among other things)?  He shares your opinion
> of the free SCCS that are available, though he has a similarly low opinion
> of the commercial ones, so he founded a start-up to write a decent system.
> You can find more info. at http://www.bitmover.com/bitkeeper/ if you're
> interested in getting involved and / or seeing what his thinking is.