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[ale] OffTopic: RCS

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Benjamin Scherrey wrote:

>     There are two general source code control systems that I generally recommend
> (and use) for multi-platform (and even single-platform) projects. Intersolv's
> PVCS and MKS' Source Integrity. For people looking to move from NT to UNIX or
> like having UNIX-like features under NT, MKS has their MKS Toolkit product which
> provides a UNIX shell type command prompt which is kinda neat.
>     There are no free SCCS products that are worth a heck that perform on
> multiple platforms. Everyone in the Linux world seems to use CVS. I presume
> because its what's available because I find it a poor excuse for a SCCS. Its
> locking and versioning concepts are simply plain wrong. Of course, so is
> Microsoft Source Safe's.
>     Perhaps someday this will change. Its certainly on my list of projects that
> I'd like to do in my spare time. Don't expect it this decade...

Have you ever talked with Larry McVoy (old Sun / SGI systems engineer,
largely responsible for SunOS among other things)?  He shares your opinion
of the free SCCS that are available, though he has a similarly low opinion
of the commercial ones, so he founded a start-up to write a decent system.
You can find more info. at http://www.bitmover.com/bitkeeper/ if you're
interested in getting involved and / or seeing what his thinking is.


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