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[ale] emacs?

Yup.  Only gives back a fewe directories.  I just tried the --force option -
no good.

Which emacs should I be installing, by the way.  It seems that emacs-2.0...
would be the one, or maybe emacs-nox...

Anyway, neither of these does it.

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Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 11:14 AM
Subject: RE: [ale] emacs?

>i'm not seeing the full conversation here but, have you tried 'find /
>-name emacs -print'  or mabe *emacs?
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>> >>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Brown <matthew.brown at cordata.net> writes:
>>     Matthew> As far as I can tell, there is no file named emacs on my
>>     Matthew> system.  The above are directories.  The only reason I
>>     Matthew> tried the alias emacs=... is because emacs would not load
>>     Matthew> at all
>> You should probably try using `rpm -qa | grep -i emacs' to
>> make sure the emacs packages are actually installed, and then use the
>> `rpm --verify package' command to get rpm to check that everything
>> that's supposed to be installed looks OK.  Another helpful command is
>> `rpm -ql package', which will list all the files installed by the
>> package specified.
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