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[ale] On the Hardware Note... (was: Bringing HW to Joe's tomorrow)

Dave Brooks wrote:
 My sisters use it to browse the web and play games and what ever else
> little girls like to do.

They might surprise you.

> The thing is, the harddrive is kind of lacking, obviously, and with
> Windows98 (No!  I refuse to teach 12-year-olds UNIX <G>) 

My fourteen-year-old daughter has taught herself to access and get
around in my linux box. Even managed to shoulder surf my root password
and figured out how to restart ipmasquerading when I have left it down
after using ax-25. Of course, she was 13 at the time :-) Now if she
would only figure out how to rewrite the ipfwadm script so I can have
the ipmasq out the modem and ether, plus the ax25 for me.

Chris Ness
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