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[ale] On the Hardware Note... (was: Bringing HW to Joe's tomorrow)

Speaking of hardware...

I have a home LAN of 3 computers.  One of those computers sits in my
basement, runs Windows98, and it made of of semi-new parts (except for the
Harddrive... it's a 420MB Seagate from an old Pentium 60 we had 4 or 5 years
ago).  My sisters use it to browse the web and play games and what ever else
little girls like to do.
The thing is, the harddrive is kind of lacking, obviously, and with
Windows98 (No!  I refuse to teach 12-year-olds UNIX <G>) and with all the
new software they got for Christmas (I already swapped out the case of the
old P60 with a P166MMX that I used to use, the CD-ROM drive, and I bought a
2meg video card from LGS, which worked great) -- that 420 MB is going fast.
I figure all they need is about 800 MB.  If anyone has an old IDE drive they
don't want anymore, and want to sell it to me cheap (note: Cheap:  I don't
have tons of cash to put into it), I'd be very appreciative.   If anyone can
help me out in that respect, please let me know.

david a. brooks
discovery technology, inc.
email:   ..   db at disctech.net
voice:   ..   770.514.0547 x.280