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[ale] Ongoing problems solved, sort of

Check out
which is where you'll find MemTest-86. This program can be booted via lilo
or installed on a boot floppy (both are extremely easy to setup). It runs
through a bunch of fairly intensive memory tests and completely takes over
the computer (rebooting gets it back to you, however). It also turns the RAM
cache (both L1 and L2) on and off (although one of my machines locks when
turning off cache) so your machine really gets exercised. This should let
you figure out which, if any, of your SIMMs has a problem. I actually had a
situation where I had two different sets of RAM in one of my boxes that
obviously had some kind of memory problem (random SIG11's during large
compiles). Turned out that reordering the modules actually fixed the
problem! Haven't had a problem since and I figured this out using MemTest.

Also, there is a store down the street from the Linux general store that can
test SIMMs for you. I think they charge $2-7 per stick depending on the type
of module it is. I'm sorry I can't remember its name now. The guys at LGS
know it.

    Good luck & later,

        Ben Scherrey

Wandered Inn wrote:

> Does anyone know anywhere I can get memory tested?  I believe I've got a
> defective 32m board.