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[ale] Ongoing problems solved, sort of

Does anyone know anywhere I can get memory tested?  I believe I've got a
defective 32m board.

I've been crying on your shoulders for a good week now, regarding my sig
11 problems and other issues with my box.  I believe I've nailed down
this time.  REALLY.

I installed RH 5.2 and when I rebooted, with kernel 2.0.34, my box came
up and appeared to be very stable.  I compiled a number of kernels to
test the sig 11 issue.  Things looked great.  I then upgraded my kernel
to 2.0.36 which apparently recognizes my full 128m memory without a
modification to lilo or any boot parms.  I then attempted to recompile
my kernel and got a sig 11.  I then added an 'append="mem=64m"' to my
lilo.conf, executed lilo and reboot.  Booted great and my box has been
working like a charm for a number of days now.  I've recompiled a couple
of kernels and put it through some other stuff to test it and things
look good.

Therefore, I believe I've got a bad memory card, but since pentiums
require pairs, I've got to figure out which one is bad.  I could swap
them around with the first two chips, but I hate to do all that and risk
another crash.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at denali.atlnet.com

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????