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[ale] ISDN ISP's???

> Matthew Brown wrote:
> Can anyone give me a good recommendation for the following two items:
> 1.    A good ISP to use for ISDN service.  I'd like to have the Local
> Loop and service wrapped into one price, but this might limit me to
> BellSouth.
> 2.    A good ISDN interface.  I'd like to get one that works with
> Win95/NT, Linux, and BeOS (don't laugh!)

I've just upgrade to ISDN with my provider, atlnet (www.atlnet.com). 
I've been using ISDN under Linux for work for about 3 months now, but
I've not had any experience with it with Atlnet, but I've had tremendous
service with them overall.  They're very responsive.  I've never, I mean
never received a busy signal.  Solid connection that never dies.  Great
throughput.  This is all based on my analog connectity though.  They
have a very good deal on ISDN as well, 100 hours of ISDN plus 100 hours
analog for $25 a month.  They are very Linux friendly and I've connected
to them via both Linux and Windows, and never had any problems.  I can
only expect that their ISDN service will be as good as their analog.  If
you've got ISDN support under all three of the above OSs, I'd suggest
you check them out.

> Little help?
> -Matthew Brown
> cordata.net

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at denali.atlnet.com

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