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[ale] ISDN ISP's???

I'm currently using a 3com Impact IQ ISDN modem connected to a serial
port. My ISP is Mindspring. since I only connect at 64k I only need the
115k capabilities of a standard 16540 serial chipset. (I can't afford the
$1/hour to bring up the 128k dual line that Mindspring charges)The 16550
(high speed) chipset will work under both Linux and Microsoft. I have used
my current ISDN setup with Mindspring for over a year, dual booting with
NT4. (That partition is about to get wiped and "upgraded" :) The ISDN line
comes from, of course, Bellsouth. I am about to upgrade connectivity again
since ADSL is available in my area, so the 3Com box is going to be for
sale, if anyone is interested.

James Kinney M.S.Physics		jkinney at emory.edu
Educational Technology Specialist	404-727-4734
Department of Physics Emory University	http://teller.physics.emory.edu

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Matthew Brown wrote:

> Can anyone give me a good recommendation for the following two items:
> 1.    A good ISP to use for ISDN service.  I'd like to have the Local Loop and service wrapped into one price, but this might limit me to BellSouth.
> 2.    A good ISDN interface.  I'd like to get one that works with Win95/NT, Linux, and BeOS (don't laugh!)
> Little help?
> -Matthew Brown
> cordata.net