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[ale] BellSouth.net and DNS

At 09:41 PM 01/05/1999 -0500, Jere McDevitt wrote:
>He is using RedHat 5.0.  He said he can't ping out from his box and when he 
>contacted BellSouth they told him they couldn't give him IP addresses for DNS 

	Really?!?!?  As a former Lead Technical Support Rep. (I was one of the
first 20 techs on the helpdesk, and stayed there until Feb. 1997), I'm
AMAZED they said this.  You could always call up and ask to speak to a
Lead, or else I could refer you to a direct line.  That's ridiculous...
(Unless Bellsouth.net isn't outsourcing their helpdesk anymore to

As I recall:

Secondary:  (Not so sure about this one)

>He knows how to configure the box, but he needs the addresses.  Did you
set up 
>your addresses when you first got the box 2 years ago or recently?

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