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[ale] BellSouth.net and DNS

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:

> 	Hmm... 'whois bellsouth.net' ? They can't exactly change their DNS
> servers from what InterNIC knows without causing major disruptions with
> DNS resolution of bellsouth.net hostnames...

Uhh, this is a wrong answer.  There are different kinds of DNS servers,
and just because a server is authoritative for bellsouth.net does not
mean that it will answer queries willy-nilly.

You can always use MindSpring's DNS servers, even if you're dialed into
bs.net.  Put the following in your resolv.conf:


While you're at it, switch your service over.  MindSpring has a howto
page explaining how to set up your Linux box to work with out service,
and an active Linux users newsgroup.  8^)

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