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[ale] Replaceing The MBR

Daniel S Cox wrote:
> Greetings all!
>         Well, the Empire Monkey C virus rears it hoary head again....  Norton
> Antivirus (NAV) says my MBR is infected with this virus, but can't repair
> it.  Last night, I booted into the Win 95B DOS (which M$ says doesn't exist
> any more), and performed a "FDISK /MBR".  It changed it alright, lilo was
> gone, and all that was left was the Windoze 95 loader, but NAV still says
> the virus is there.  I do have a boot diskett from DOS 6.22, but I'm afraid
> that if I perform the FDISK /MBR from that, I'll be unable to boot up Win
> {mumble}, and my wife will have my hide!
>         Now: why doesn't FDISK /MBR completely overwrite whereever the MBR lives?
> I have found a MBR that seems to be part of Debian, and I might try that,
> just to see if it'll overwrite the nasty virus.
>         Ideas?  Thanks in advance!
> Danny

If memory serves...
the LILO documentation gives a sample dd command line to zero out the