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[ale] Upgraded and the modem quit working.


You've got a mess alright!

Jim Lynch writes:
 > I'm tearing my hair out.  Here's the story.  I upgraded to hamm (Debian


 > I've got a pretty full machine and have some problems with IRQs.  I've
 > got a SB16 PNP card which isn't working on Linux yet, so it may be that
 > it is interfering somehow, but that doesn't explain why it stopped
 > working.
 > The IRQ line  up is:
 > IRQ     used by
 > 3       PCI ethernet card

This is  a pretty poor choice for a PCI card, since serial ports
default to IRQ 4 (com1 & com3) and IRQ 3 (com2 and com4). Try some
other device

 > 4       ttyS0   (on-board serial port)
 > 4       ttyS3  (us robotics ISA modem)

this is wrong, ttyS3 should use IRQ 3

 > 5       SB16

If you didn't configure the pnp card, it probably took on some default 
values.  The safest thing to do is either remove the SB16 card, or get 
isapnptools, run the pnpdump program, and deactivate all the devices
(ACT N) in the /etc/isapnp.conf file.

 > 7       lpt
 > 9/2     Dunno, when I boot it says "unknown pci device"
 > 10      SCSI card
 > etc.