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[ale] Need SCSI config help.

  I've been getting alot of SCSI resets again recently.  Before I blame 
the kernel I want to verify my configuration.  I'm hoping someone can 
verify my settings as Adaptec and Quantum have an interesting habit of 
giving me different answers.

First my hardware:
  aha3940UW (2 channel scsi controller,  2 2940's in one)
  4 Quantum Atlas II UW drives
  Jaz drive (1Gig)
  Flatbed Scanner
  CD-R drive

The setup:
  3940 with automatic termination
  2 Quantums internal.  Have Terminating SCSI cable.  ID's 0 and 1
  2 Quantums external.  Have Terminator on the Box.  ID's 2 and 2
  Jaz, Flatbed and CDR on second controler,  ID's 0,2 and 6 respectivly,
     external terminator on the CDR (Last device physically on the chain)

I'm not going to list my current jumpers, so as not to skew the results.

Thanks to all in advance

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