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[ale] (fwd) NT/smbpasswd authentication for PAM pam_smb v1.1

Enough people are using Samba that I thought this might be of general
interest for those who don't know about it already.  I've set up RedHat
boxes with lots of users and this before.  It's really nice because you
don't have to keep two separate passwd files in sync if you use it....


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Subject: NT/smbpasswd authentication for PAM pam_smb v1.1 (SECURITY BUGFIX)
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	The latest version of pam_smb has been released and all users
should get this latest version, there was a bug identified by many users
of v1.0 that users could sometimes log in without any password if the
config was slightly wrong,

This was due to a bug on the server side with servers having been setup
for share level rather than user level security .. this latest version
stops pam_smb talking to any share level security servers (or at least I
hope it does... )

For anyone wondering about caching and username mapping the code is
written, and I just to have to clean around it and upload it.. it will be
alpha when it arrives so keep an eye on this list for the announce...

** What pam_smb does!

This module allows Linux users to be authenticated from an NT or Samba
server. If the samba server supports encrypted (smbpasswd) passwds this
module can be used to authenticate users using the smbpasswd file.

We are using it here so users can logon to Linux/NT/Solaris boxes without
us having to keep two sets of passwords. Users still require password
entries on the Linux boxes but *'ed passwords should work or if a password
entry exists it will try to use this first and then the remote server is
this fails. 

Current version is at:

or from the samba cvs tree pam_smb or from a samba mirror site (hopefully

E-mail me with any comments or problems, I can't promise they'll get fixed
but at least I'll know about em :-)


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