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[ale] OFFTOPIC: How 'bout them Jackets?

On Mon, Oct 19, 1998 at 02:01:34PM +0000, Michael D. Ivey wrote:
> Since ALE is such a GaTech focused community, I figured I'd check
> and see how everyone down there survived the riotous aftermath
> of that truly amazing, stellar, phenomenal win Saturday.
> Wish I could have been there to tug the goalposts down with you.  =)
> AlmostObALE: Please God someone tell me they'll do a Linux port
> of Rainbow 6.  What an awesome game.  
> ObALE: Update on the window manager saga:  blackbox has lots of
> promise, but isn't there yet.  WindowMaker does sound, and is using
> all the effects from the 2nd Quake expansion pack right now.  =)
> I'm waiting for Geoff to tell me I should give E another try, and
> then I will.

well - you have to know that everything's "in process" anyways.
you can give it a try, but you'd probably rather use the snapshots that come
out or learn to grab from anonymous cvs.  

Quick Sidebar:
esound now comes with an automagical /dev/dsp hack that works under linux
and/or any LD_PRELOAD type-systems that will allow ALL applications that use
/dev/dsp to run using esound.  :)  now ALL your sound applications can mix

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