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[ale] Header Pages on a HP LaserJet 5???

I just setup a new HP LaserJet 5 with a JetDirect card on our network.
I'm using SAMBA to allow our network users to print.  My system is
running RedHat 5.0 (2.0.32 kernel).

I cannot figure out how to Suppress Header pages that are being sent
after each print job.  I have the   'sh' parameter set in the printcap
entry.  I've tried using the PrintTool and selected the Suppress Headers
option.  This is the second HP LaserJet we have on the network.  The
first HP does not print the header pages, but the second HP does.  The
printcap entries are setup up with SAME parameters.

I know it's got to be something super simple that I'm missing, but I
just don't see it.  If someone could point out what I'm doing wrong, I
would appreciate it.

The only difference between the printers is as follows:

The first HP (which is working properly) has the Postscipt option and
additional memory installed.  Other than that, the printers are the