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[ale] ALE Showcase 1998

Michael D. Ivey wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 01, 1998 at 12:42:09PM +0000, Linux Idiot wrote:
> > I find it a bit hypocritical to consider using a Microsoft tool for an
> > event such as this.
> Linux != Anti-Microsoft

I didn't say that.  The point of the 'show' is to promote Linux. You
don't do that by presenting the information on Powerpoint slides.  If I
was attending and had little knowledge of Linux, I would wonder why the
presentation was made this way, if Linux was such a great tool.  There
will certainly be many people there who are very knowledgable about
Linux and it's limitations.  My concern is for those folks who are new
and trying to understand what the Linux thing is.

> It just seems that way, since many of us DO hate the Global
> MS Conspiracy(TMs).  However, many people have a "use the best
> tool for the job" attitude, and Power Point is still a decent
> app, as much as it pains me to admit it.  Applix sucks, but
> I haven't tried StarOffice yet.  Either way, for presentations,
> PP is a valid way to go. *spit*

Although I generally take the 'best tool' approach, when you are trying
to promote a tool, you should use it in promoting itself.

If people are going to develop a slide presentation using PP, then the
presentation should be converted to html and presented in this format
rather than PP.  I put a slide presentation together for my wife that
autoruns on Netscape.  The same solution is possible, I would think for
the Showcase.

> Ok, enough of my MSdefense(TMs) of the Evil Empire.
> /mdi, bets you never thought you'd hear that from me
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