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[ale] MSD format specifier for Linux?

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Josh Murrah wrote:

> WOW, I just tried this.  What's the deal??  It does a DMF format disk,
> but, jsut as Chris says, it's 'corrupted' if you try to access the file
> (I copied using explorer). What's up with that?

I assumed that some aspects of the disk format were explicitly provided by
the /dev/fd?* file, which was part of the information I originally sought. 

For example: dd if=gigo.win of=/dev/fd0 would have to identify the format
on /dev/fd0, or dd if=gigo.win of=/dev/fd0H1440 would know from the output
device, what format to use.  I must admit to considerable ignorance, here,
however.  If I come up with a format definition, can anyone direct me how
to come up with (say) a /dev/fd0MSD1770 or whatever?

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