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[ale] MSD format specifier for Linux?

If you use dd the file on the disk is corrupt. Windows will give you errors
that it is corrupt.

On 17-Sep-97 Josh Murrah wrote:
>You can't pull the DMF format disks off by using dd? 
>to pull from disk : dd if=/dev/fd0 of=filename
>to write to disk  : dd if =filename of=/dev/fd0
>As far as the formatting goes I dunno  :)  You could always use a blank
>image made with the DOS shareware utility, and dd it when the need arises.
>dd pulls data based on blocks/sectors/etc. so shouldn't care about the
>format of floppies, I've make DOS bootable disks this way, etc.
>Is this right?
>Joshua Murrah, jmurrah at salug.org, http://www.salug.org/~jmurrah
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>On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, John M. Mills wrote:
>> Does anyone know of an appropriate /dev/fd* setup to dump, copy, and
>> format Microsoft's 3.5" distribution media (about 1.7 MBy, I believe)?
>> I have a DOS shareware item which does this.  For some reason, I can't get
>> it to run under Win95. ;^E
>> A Linux /dev/fd* would be great, provided 'fdformat' and 'dd' could use it
>> , but I don't know how to make one up, nor how to find out the format
>> details.  As Microsoft rather obscures the possibility of doing this at
>> all, it would be kind of nice to publicize a simple tool to backup the
>> Win95 distribution. 
>> On that note, is there a disk-format detector for Linux (something like
>> Sydex Anadisk, but more general, say)?
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