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[ale] Possible bug?

Geoffrey Myers wrote:
> nomad wrote:
> >
> > I've just installed netscape communicator, 4.03 (was trying 4.02b7)
> > but I have a problem
> > in both cases where it won't save my bookmarks file.  I try to use
> > "Edit" and load in my
> > other bookmarks from my dos version and it doesn't load.  I usually
> > have my .netscape//bookmarks
> > file linked to my dos version and it's always worked until kernel >
> > 2.1.44.  Anyone
> > seen anything like this?
> For what it's worth, I've used both 4.02b7 and currently, 4.03 without
> this problem.  Kernel 2.0.29, so the differences are the kernel and
> possibly your linking to your dos version.  Are you saying you are
> creating a sym link to your dos bookmarks?

That's what I did.  I solved my problem.  I deleted the link and the
problem persisted.  I completely removed my .netscape direcotry and lat
it re-create it.  Came up fine and was able to save a bood mark.  I
netscape, deleted the bookmarks file, re-created the link and then
netscape and now it's running fine.  Anyone have a clue what might have
cause this out of curiosity?

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