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[ale] Possible bug?

nomad wrote:
> I've just installed netscape communicator, 4.03 (was trying 4.02b7)
> but I have a problem
> in both cases where it won't save my bookmarks file.  I try to use
> "Edit" and load in my
> other bookmarks from my dos version and it doesn't load.  I usually
> have my .netscape//bookmarks
> file linked to my dos version and it's always worked until kernel >
> 2.1.44.  Anyone
> seen anything like this?

For what it's worth, I've used both 4.02b7 and currently, 4.03 without
this problem.  Kernel 2.0.29, so the differences are the kernel and
possibly your linking to your dos version.  Are you saying you are
creating a sym link to your dos bookmarks?

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