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[ale] Linux shines in Web server face-off

Warning!  Good press announcement for Linux follows...

To see what InternetWeek (formerly CommunicationsWeek) thinks of 
Linux as a Web server platform see the Sept. 1, 1997 issue.  There is 
a Web server comparison between RedHat Linux 4.2, SCO 
Enterprise Server, WindowsNT, BSDI, and FreeBSD.  While BSDI 
took top honors (mainly for ease of configuration - Linux 
outperformed all of the servers at peak loads and throughput with one 
exception, that being the test of connections per second running in 
dual processor mode where NT? took top honors and Linux was second.  
The URL http://techweb.cmp.com/internetwk/reviews/reviews.htm has 
some info but I couldn't find any charts on the site.  Good press 


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