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[ale] Linux Help....

Billy Strader wrote:

> TO whom it may concern...
>         I am a new user to Linuxn and I have a firm grip but I was wondering if
> you happen to know of any way I can make linux see and use my SportSter
> ISDN 128k card.... I am stuck on this and I also live in Atlanta GA if
> you could possibly send me info about your meetings and stuff It would
> be greatly appricated thank you for your time....
>         Billy Strader

I received some email from a guy a while back who has written a driver for Linux
for this card.  I've got the same one.  I never bought the driver, because he's
only got 64k right now.  His email address is:

sjn at huskynet.com

Steve Nichols is his name.

Drop him a line, maybe he can help you out.  He was asking $40 and an additional
$19 for an upgrade to mpp.

Until later: Geoffrey           geof at abraxis.com