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[ale] SCSI tape drives

> I need to make a recommendation on what SCSI tape drive to purchase
> for an organization I'm freelancing with. I have no experience with
> SCSI tape on Linux. Could anyone share information from experiences of
> what drives have worked well for you and which ones to stear clear
> of. Appreciation expressed on the front end. 
I recently had the pleasure of using a HP external DAT drive (DDS II, I think)
It did 2gig uncompressed on a 90m tape (sorry don't have model number since
I no longer have the drive, SureStore 5000 I think, but not sure)

It worked great. Linux recognized it with no problem (scsi tape support 
built w/ kernel)

I especially liked that I could buy blank tapes for ~6-7 dollars each.  
Try that with a cheap tape drive, tapes will cost over $20 each.  So while
the DAT drive would cost more up-front, long-term costs would equal out and
DAT is faster (I think) than QIC.

good luck,

Joe Novosel
jnovosel at cc.gatech.edu
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