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[ale] AdLib card -> no /dev/audio?

Joe Knapka writes:
> Hey, folks,
> Has anyone managed to get a SIIG SoundWave 1000 board to
> work properly under Linux? The card is ISA PnP, and claims to be
> AdLib, SoundBlaster 16, and WSS-compatible; it's got an OPL-3
> FM chip. I have read and re-read the the sound HOWTO and the
> driver docs, which basically say, "Do thus-and-so for MSS-compatible
> cards." However, when I do this, /dev/audio is nonfunctional - I can
> send data to it (cat linus.au > /dev/audo), but nothing comes out
> of the speakers. I can still play CDs, though. Neither the AdLib
> nor the SoundBlaster drivers work at all (not surprising, I
> guess).
> This is under 2.0.30 on a Cyrix-based machine. Annoyingly
> enough, the card works flawlessly under both NT and Warp 4.
> Anyway, if someone just happens to have one of these cards
> working, I'd like to know how you did it.

I don't have that particular card, but I do have PNP cards. Have you tried the
PNP utilities,"pnpdump & isapnp" ? The first one probes all PNP cards on your
system and produces a configuration file. You edit the file and select the
options for your machine. Then you use isapnp to configure those cards. They
work like a champ. As far as options go, if you don't know what to select, use
the same parameters that Win-NT uses for the card.

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