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[ale] AdLib card -> no /dev/audio?

Hey, folks,

Has anyone managed to get a SIIG SoundWave 1000 board to
work properly under Linux? The card is ISA PnP, and claims to be
AdLib, SoundBlaster 16, and WSS-compatible; it's got an OPL-3
FM chip. I have read and re-read the the sound HOWTO and the
driver docs, which basically say, "Do thus-and-so for MSS-compatible
cards." However, when I do this, /dev/audio is nonfunctional - I can
send data to it (cat linus.au > /dev/audo), but nothing comes out
of the speakers. I can still play CDs, though. Neither the AdLib
nor the SoundBlaster drivers work at all (not surprising, I

This is under 2.0.30 on a Cyrix-based machine. Annoyingly
enough, the card works flawlessly under both NT and Warp 4.

Anyway, if someone just happens to have one of these cards
working, I'd like to know how you did it.


-- Joe