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[ale] Linux and SCSI controllers

>	I say swap meets because I don't know what to call them. It's
>basically a gathering of a bunch of small-time vendors at a convention
>center, or similar place. The only ones I've been to were in Chattanooga,
>TN and Dalton, GA. I'm sure there are bigger affairs in Atlanta. I found

They also have them in Norcross, at the Cobb County Civic Center in
Marietta, and at the antique mall in Kennesaw (just had one there Nov 8, 9)
as well as Huntsville, etc.  Basically if you can make it to one, they'll
mail you reminders about future ones for the next N years where N is some
large integer (they have a raffle for a printer or some other accessory,
and get your name and address from the entry forms).  There will be one
at the Cobb County Civic Center Nov 28-30 ($6 for all 3 days, $5 for the
last 2, or $4(?) for just Sunday).  I suspect there are several organizations
that put these on, but this is the one that I know about.

>	At these you'll find all kinds of bargains, many of questionable
>origin. Lots of junk equipment can be had (like the Future Domain SCSI
>controller I mentioned), as well as quality stuff like the latest Tyan LX
>motherboards, and Adaptec SCSI controllers. I would be hesitant about
>purchasing a CPU at such a function, but I have friends who purchase all
>their upgrades at events like this and they've never been burned.

Actually, a lot of the local dealers show up at the ones I've been to--the
same dealers who advertise in Computer Technology and Computer Currents.
In fact, the dealer I bought a motherboard and upgrade from a month before
the show in October was there, selling stuff a lot cheaper than he'd sold
it to me (and cheaper than his current ad), so you can pick up some bargains,
and from local dealers that you can go back to and yell at if the stuff
doesn't work....  Of course if you are into gambling, you can also buy
things like motherboards from the guy who digs them out of a heap in the
corner, but a lot of vendors sell new equipment in the original boxes...

(who has no affiliation with swap meets other than having bought lots of
toys at them...)