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[ale] Linux and SCSI controllers

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Matt Shade wrote:

> > I don't have an answer about the SCSI controllers, but I do have a question.
> > You mentioned swap meets. I've heard about them for years, but always only
> > after the fact. Where are these swap meets and how do you find out about
> > them beforehand?

	I say swap meets because I don't know what to call them. It's
basically a gathering of a bunch of small-time vendors at a convention
center, or similar place. The only ones I've been to were in Chattanooga,
TN and Dalton, GA. I'm sure there are bigger affairs in Atlanta. I found
out about these via the billboard ads they placed around Chattanooga and
Dalton. I'm sure it was mentioned in the local papers, too.

	At these you'll find all kinds of bargains, many of questionable
origin. Lots of junk equipment can be had (like the Future Domain SCSI
controller I mentioned), as well as quality stuff like the latest Tyan LX
motherboards, and Adaptec SCSI controllers. I would be hesitant about
purchasing a CPU at such a function, but I have friends who purchase all
their upgrades at events like this and they've never been burned.

Jason Boyles <jason at alltel.net>