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[ale] Pointers to Information?

The O'Rielly X books are great.  Even if they are for R5, not that much
has changed with the R6 release.  Most R5 code works/compiles just fine on
R6.  And there is also a Programmer's Supplement for Release 6 if you
want to be complete.  

> TCL/Tk - If you like the visual basic sorts of development environemnt, 
> look for "vtcl", a visual devel environemt for TCl/Tk. I was quite 

Great for small little utility apps, but unlike what most people use it
for, it is not great for large complex apps. 

> XForms - From what little I screwed around with xforms, it looked like it 
> did some neat stuff and ran fairly fast, even had a decent dialog editor 

I've seen an app written in XForms (xfmail?)  It was slow and limited.
The text entry area for an e-mail was about 20 lines - a limitation of the

> QT - C++ development environment which is pretty simple in nature, and
> thus has a pretty short learning curve. Probably one of the nicest


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