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[ale] Pointers to Information?

	Though I would definately not regard myself as an X programmer, I 
have dabbled with a few of the toolkits and such. Following would be my 

TCL/Tk - If you like the visual basic sorts of development environemnt, 
look for "vtcl", a visual devel environemt for TCl/Tk. I was quite 
impressed with this environment, for, it hid a lot of the icky TCl code 
from me. Especially things like initial window sizes, button positions 
and so forth.

XForms - From what little I screwed around with xforms, it looked like it 
did some neat stuff and ran fairly fast, even had a decent dialog editor 
with the dist. Hopefully, someone else on the list has more experience 
with xforms.

QT - C++ development environment which is pretty simple in nature, and 
thus has a pretty short learning curve. Probably one of the nicest 
looking toolkits I've seen yet for X. There is a dialog builder for QT, 
but, I have found it to be quite kludgy to use. Also, a point to note is 
that the QT dist comes with a few simple example apps and a really nice 
14 chapter tutorial on writing apps with Qt.

As far as books, I have the book "Advanced X Windows Applications 
Programming" by Johnson, and was able to go through, I think the first 4 
chapters until I decided that there has *got* to be a better way to write 
apps in X. ;)

							- Mike
Michael Kachline - CS, Georgia Tech
kachline at cc.gatech.edu

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, <DLee> wrote:

> Hey all, this is a semi-Linux related question.
> I really would like to start learning about programming for
> X-Windows. I've found some shabby sites on the stuff. Haven't really come
> across anything real promising, except the references from ftp:mit.
> However, I think those are too advanced for me. 
> I prefer an introductory book that covers X11R6, goes in-depth and doesn't
> treat the reader like a dumb-ass. The only ones that seem to fit the bill
> are some I found printed by O'Reilly, but they were on X11R5.
> Does anyone know any books, sites, or whatever that you think would be
> good? Any and all pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks ahead.
> Regards.