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[6bone] My Ipv6 website update

Ok Thanks,

I was not sure which route I was going to take, maybe a separate site for v6 
enabled users.
I have corrected this now and the same site should appear, I will add v6 
only content using
a perl script and SSI instead, saves me writing two sites.

Thanks for checking.

Maybe I could be added to the v6 enabled sites/servers list,


Not sure who runs it or if it is a definitive list. ?


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Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 10:54 PM
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I have been able to connct to your web site (http://minitutorials.com) using 
v6 ans I see my address on the footer:

"2001:800:40:2a05:2c0:26ff:fe50:1900 Remote host supports IPv6"

Also I see on the central frame: "You are IPv6 Enabled".

But http://v6.minitutorials.com shows a different page with some error 
messages like:

[an error occurred while processing this directive]
[an error occurred while processing this directive]
Welcome to the IPv6 enabled MiniTutorials Website !!!
Web Design Tutorials
Hope this helps,
Alvaro Vives

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Subject: [6bone] My Ipv6 website update

> On the 14th September I wrote :
> | Ok, thanks Guys, will probably download new client from Hexago and see 
> if
> | that cures it.
> | I will also point the fault out to Hexago/viagenie , as I guess a lot of
> | people are broken now.
> So, to update on those interested in this saga...
> I have been in communication with Jean-Francois Tremblay of Freenet 6
> support
> and fingers crossed, everything seems to be fine now. (great support btw,
> thanks)
> Having downloaded the SP2 update for XP a while back, the old client and 
> the
> newer
> client available on the website were not compatible. JF sent me a newer
> version that
> works for SP2 users. Its early days yet but I have had no dropouts over 
> the
> last couple
> of days and JF confirmed that my site could be reached via IPv6.
> The SP2 compatible release is now available on the Freenet6 website for
> those that might need it.
> I still have a niggling problem of sorts, Kame.net will not recognise my
> connection as
> being v6 although Hexago and sixxs.net both do, no idea why that is!
> I would still like a couple more confirmations that people can reach my 
> site
> via a v6 connection
> just to be sure that it is not just my tunnel provider that can.
> http://minitutorials.com
> http://v6.minitutorials.com
> Either should read your v6 address and display it in the footer.
> Thanks everyone, I will let you lot get on with some real work after this 
> :)
> Gav...
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