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[6bone] My Ipv6 website update

On the 14th September I wrote :

| Ok, thanks Guys, will probably download new client from Hexago and see if
| that cures it.
| I will also point the fault out to Hexago/viagenie , as I guess a lot of
| people are broken now.

So, to update on those interested in this saga...

I have been in communication with Jean-Francois Tremblay of Freenet 6 
and fingers crossed, everything seems to be fine now. (great support btw, 

Having downloaded the SP2 update for XP a while back, the old client and the 
client available on the website were not compatible. JF sent me a newer 
version that
works for SP2 users. Its early days yet but I have had no dropouts over the 
last couple
of days and JF confirmed that my site could be reached via IPv6.

The SP2 compatible release is now available on the Freenet6 website for 
those that might need it.

I still have a niggling problem of sorts, Kame.net will not recognise my 
connection as
being v6 although Hexago and sixxs.net both do, no idea why that is!

I would still like a couple more confirmations that people can reach my site 
via a v6 connection
just to be sure that it is not just my tunnel provider that can.


Either should read your v6 address and display it in the footer.

Thanks everyone, I will let you lot get on with some real work after this :)


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