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[6bone] Ipv6 Enabled Web Site - Finally

Earlier in this thread I said :-
| Ideally I would to be able to, as advised not long ago in here have :-
| www.minitutorials.com AAAA + A
| www.v4.minitutorials.com A
| www.v6.minitutorials.com AAAA

This has now been done, using Sitelutions - thanks Allan !!
Although I got the syntax above a bit wrong.

I now have :-

http://www.minitutorials.com AAAA + A
http://minitutorials.com AAAA + A
http://v4.minitutorials.com A
http://v6.minitutorials.com AAAA

and seems to work a treat, again though as pointed out by Gert, I am using 
my internal network
to test this, some v6 enabled, some not , and works (or not) as it should.

Anyone like to confirm this for me please.?
As of 09/09/04 9:00PM Australia WST so dont know how long the before other 
DNS will get updated.



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