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[6bone] Ipv6 Enabled Web Site - Finally

>However, I have not
>done any registering of AAAA records etc, but rather added entries to >my 
>hosts file, as I am not sure in my
>circumstance that I can add AAAA records.

Well, the latest versions of BIND support AAAA records. If you need something free (a free yourname.something.com subdomain, and/or DNS hosting for AAA records), I recommend http://www.sitelutions.com/info/sldns. I've used their free DNS hosting+free subdomain for my own AAAA record. The DNS works like this:
You have IPv4: and an IPv6: ::1. The domain name is localhost. Add an A record to localhost that points to, and an AAAA record to localhost that points to ::1. Those who have an IPv6 address and go to http://localhost will connect to the IPv6 IP by default. If someone does not have an IPv6 address and goes to http://localhost, that person will connect to the IPv4 IP by default. In other words, by having your domain point to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, you won't be creating any problems. Hope this helps :)

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