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[6bone] Ipv6 Enabled Web Site


| Hi,
|  What kind of operating system you have? Can you provide the IPv6
| address of your host, if you prefer in private, to check whether it is
| reachable via IPv6, an then check web service via IPv6. Are you sure that
| you have correct netstat, that can print IPv6 addresses? Can you try
| "netstat -A inet6 -an" or "netstat -f inet6 -an" on Solaris?

Windows XP Pro, IPv6 Enabled, can access other IPv6 only sites no problem.
'netstat -p ipv6' is empty, seems no ipv6 is listening.
'netstat -anr' routing table has no ipv6 entries.

Now heres the confusing bit again.

My v6 address as allocated by FREENET6 is 3ffe:bc0::8000::3c6a , but since 
my Network Bridge and disabling Teredo, this address no longer appears on 
any of
my Interface adaptors, but when visiting ipv6.sixxs.net ipv6calc still tells 
me that
3ffe:bc0::8000::3c6a is the address I am connecting with.

| You have to specify only your servername:
| NameVirtualHost *
| <VirtualHost *>
|     ServerAdmin [email protected]
|     DocumentRoot serverroot
|     ServerName your.domain
|     ErrorLog /var/log/httpd-xxx-error_log
|     CustomLog /var/log/httpd-xxx-access_log common
| </VirtualHost>

I have been running Apache2 Web Server for a year now using
the catch all * no problems as above with 5 websites, but I thought the 
of creating an IPv6 only accessible website was that only
IPv6 connections were allowed access, I can't see how I can
do that with the above. (Unless I use .htaccess)

| Be careful: you have to have your.domain in your DNS otherwise apache will
| fail.

I use DynDNS, I have a static IP but using Windows I can not really use full 
BIND9 so I have BIND-PE (TreeWalk).
IPv4 sites are accessible no problem and I using one of these domains to 
change into
a v6 only version.