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[6bone] Ipv6 Enabled Web Site

| Are you sure your binary supports IPv6? Or maybe there are other
| "listen" directives in the config?
| With the above "listen" directive you should be able to do
| telnet ::1 80
| to connect to Apache. For me, this works both on my iBook when it used
| to have MacOS Jaguar and now that it has Panther, and on FreeBSD.

Doesnt work for me, tells me it can not connect to the host (on port 23) 
connection failed.
But it does that for localhost etc also.
| > So all I am getting is v4 connections, even when I specify v6
| > addresses in
| > the NameVirtualHost and VirtualHosts.
| Forget the virtual hosts for now.

I have 5 other websites running so cant do that unfortunately.