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[6bone] Fwd: BCP 80, RFC 3681 on Delegation of E.F.F.3.IP6.ARPA

I don't think we need to force anybody to migrate to .arpa. Just wait and
Jesus will come.
I recieved this answer from Microsoft. Service Pack 2 will do the trick with XP.
All newer microsoft operating systems already use ip6.arpa (Unsure about
CE though).

I have no idea about Linux and I'm not very into guessing here. I'm
already pretty unhappy with their choices of charset filtering, but thats
another issue.

Joergen Hovland

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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:59:07 -0800
Subject: RE: IP6.ARPA and IP6.INT

The currently shipping XP version indeed uses the old ip6.int.  XP was put to bed -- at least from the perspective of my being able to get fixes into the product -- before the change to ip6.arpa.
The fix (to ip6.arpa) is in XP SP2 which will ship this spring and will quickly become the main version shipped by OEMs with new boxes -- plus of course available for existing customers to update to.


There is no "new software" being released with the old string.   Win2003 server, shipped last year, has the ip6.arpa.   All Longhorn alpha, developer releases, betas ... through final product also have\will have ip6.arpa.


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> > Since then I have been mailing Microsoft a lot of times about this
> > and also raised it a couple of times in their newsgroups.
> > Last response was "maybe in XP SP2".
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