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[6bone] 6to4 or 6bone direct(ish)

Pim van Pelt <[email protected]> writes:

> | In the past I have tunneled from the router to my nearest broker (BT
> | Exact) but that was a pain because the tunnel would time out and
> | then I'd have to set another one up which gives a different IP
> | address...
> This is not a problem with tunnelbrokerage in itself, it's a problem
> with the implementation at BT Exact. There's plenty of brokers out there
> which will never expire a tunnel. You may want to check up on
> www.sixxs.net and use the Kewlio broker (in London).

I was having similar problems, although I would at least get the same IP
address back afterwards.  I emailed the folks at BTExact and it's stayed
up ever since.

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