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[6bone] 6to4 or 6bone direct(ish)

Good morning,

I hope this is an acceptable question for this list.

At this stage of IPv6 roll out which is the best way for users without 
native IPv6 providing ISPs to use IPv6?

Ok - that might be too big a question. I'm in the lucky position that I 
have broadband with a Linux router/firewall.

In the past I have tunneled from the router to my nearest broker (BT Exact) 
but that was a pain because the tunnel would time out and then I'd have to 
set another one up which gives a different IP address...

So recently I set the router to be a 6to4 gateway. This appears to work 
really well. My only concern is that it was too easy. Should things this 
easy to setup be the most efficient?

By the way, I find reading all the posts in this email list extremely 
interesting - it's probably the most informative list I read, so thank you 
all for your enlightening posts.

Mark Himsley