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[6bone] RFC2772 rewrite

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 08:38:36PM +0000, Andy Furnell wrote:
> That's not to say that hobby ISPs can't have good response times though.
> Everyone has to start somewhere, and often it's not practical
> (predominantly for financial reasons :) to devote 100% of your time (and
> of your colleagues' time) to a project. Many IPv4 ISPs have been started
> as 'back bedroom' ISPs, and many small-medium providers are still run as
> such.

There is a big difference here however...

'back bedroom' ISPs usually don't start with AS Numbers and have 
5 upstreams, and innumerous peers (tunneled)... In IPv4 you started small.

At this stage you really need to ask what you want/ expect from IPv6,
and whether the 'commercial Internet' should transit over 6Bone networks.
One of the nice things about 6Bone is that it is a 'testbed' for IPv6, where
mistakes benifit the learning process.....

Or do we want to turn it into a second 'Internet'...?

My 2c


PS: Is this still valid?

(Couldn't find a newer one).