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[6bone] RFC2772 rewrite

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 16:32, Paul Aitken wrote:

>  > If I don't hear anyone complain in 24 hours (good number to use)
>  > we'll stick that in there :)
> *complain*
> While I appreciate the sentiment behind this suggestion, and wouldn't be
> surprised to find that most folks on the list meet the requirement, I'd
> expect that there are some folks who do actually have a life and
> actually do non work-related things at the weekend <gasp!> and I
> wouldn't want to discourage that in any way!

>From RFC2772:

   2. The pTLA Applicant MUST have the ability and intent to provide
       "production-quality" 6Bone backbone service. Applicants must
       provide a statement and information in support of this claim.
       This MUST include the following:

      a. A support staff of two persons minimum, three preferable, with
          person attributes registered for each in the ipv6-site object
          for the pTLA applicant.

A pTLA is managed by many people.

If a network is correctly managed, there is always someone available for
solve technical problems.

> Besides, there are plenty of other times when we're out of touch for
> more than 24 hours, during which time we expect our networks to run
> happily without our constant supervision, right?
> As Daniel said:
>  > I don't think that 24hours is bad for a *response* - maybe not
>  > resolution though.
> An autoresponder or ticketing system would meet the response requirement
> without actually dealing with the problem in any way :-(
> So what are we trying to achieve? To force the pTLA holder to respond,
> or to encourage them to resolve the technical issue? What would happen
> if it took 48 hours to respond to an issue - would the time police
> reject the holder's pTLA? Will someone volunteer to be "big brother" to
> ensure timely responses?

Autoresponder or ticketing system don't solve the problem of reply and
the technical problem.

Best Regards,

Nicolas DEFFAYET, NDSoftware
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