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[6bone] NDSOFTWARE pTLA review

Dear committee members,

| After careful review, and further questions asked of, and answered by, 
| Nicolas Deffayet, the panel unanimously agrees that NDSOFTWARE should be 
| granted their pTLA allocation.

Such a decision was made only after very careful consideration and I will 
no longer doubt the validity of DEFFAYETs pTLA that will be granted to him
and/or NDSoftware. I trust your good judgment in this case, even though
we disagree. Thanks for the time you spent on the matter.

I think Bob makes a valid point that we should revise RFC2772 to make
the pTLA allocation request less ambiguous in the future. Let's procede
with 6BONE and keep this list at the high quality standard that it's
always been !

Kind regards,

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